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Data Warehousing Fundamentals Paulraj Ponniah Pdf Free Download

.Archived from the original on 2011-04-20A need refreshment for a special data model or schema: e.g., to restructure for OLAP Performance: to offload the data mart to a separate computer for greater efficiency or to eliminate the need to manage that workload on the centralized data warehouseAccording to the Inmon school of data warehousing, a dependent data mart is a logical subset (view) or a physical subset (extract) of a larger data warehouse, isolated for one of the following reasons:In some deployments, each department or business unit is considered the owner of its data mart including all the hardware, software and data.[1] This enables each department to isolate the use, manipulation and development of their dataData marts improve end-user response time by allowing users to have access to the specific type of data they need to view most often by providing the data in a way that supports the collective view of a group of usersThe related term spreadmart is a derogatory label describing the situation that occurs when one or more business analysts develop a system of linked spreadsheets to perform a business analysis, then grow it to a size and degree of complexity that makes it nearly impossible to maintainSee also[edit]Security: to separate an authorized data subset selectively Expediency: to bypass the data governance and authorizations required to incorporate a new application on the Enterprise Data Warehouse Proving Ground: to demonstrate the viability and ROI (return on investment) potential of an application prior to migrating it to the Enterprise Data Warehouse Politics: a coping strategy for IT (Information Technology) in situations where a user group has more influence than funding or is not a good citizen on the centralized data warehouseA data mart is the access layer of the data warehouse environment that is used to get data out to the usersv t e Database management systems Types Object-oriented comparison Relational comparison Document-oriented Graph NoSQL NewSQL Concepts Database ACID Armstrong's axioms CAP theorem CRUD Null Candidate key Foreign key Superkey Surrogate key Unique key Objects Relation table column row View Transaction Transaction log Trigger Index Stored procedure Cursor Partition Components Concurrency control Data dictionary JDBC XQJ ODBC Query language Query optimizer Query plan Functions Administration and automation Query optimization Replication Related topics Database models Database normalization Database storage Distributed database Federated database system Referential integrity Relational algebra Relational calculus Relational database Relational DBMS Relational model Object-relational database Transaction processing Wiley, 2010, ppThe data mart is a subset of the data warehouse and is usually oriented to a specific business line or team^ Data Mart Does Not Equal Data Warehouse ^ Paulraj Ponniah

Data warehouse:Therefore, Kimball's approach is more suitable for small-to-medium corporations.[2]It is common for multiple data marts to be used in order to serve the needs of each individual business unit (different data marts can be used to obtain specific information for various enterprise departments, such as accounting, marketing, sales, etc.)Each data mart is dedicated to a specific business function or regionInmon, William (2000-07-18)Holds multiple subject areas Holds very detailed information Works to integrate all data sources Does not necessarily use a dimensional model but feeds dimensional modelsAccording to the Inmon school of data warehousing, tradeoffs inherent with data marts include limited scalability, duplication of data, data inconsistency with other silos of information, and inability to leverage enterprise sources of dataStar schema - fairly popular design choice; enables a relational database to emulate the analytical functionality of a multidimensional database Snowflake schema Data warehouse Enterprise architecture OLAP cube DMReview.comData mart:Data mart vs data warehouse[edit]While transactional databases are designed to be updated, data warehouses or marts are read only"Data Mart Does Not Equal Data Warehouse"Dependent data mart[edit]Data warehouses are designed to access large groups of related recordsData Warehousing Fundamentals for IT ProfessionalsThis view helps to reduce costs and provides fast development, but can create an inconsistent data warehouse, especially in large organizations e1977f8242
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